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Britain First: Misunderstood Athletes

A friend shared a link on Facebook which included an image and quote from Britain First’s Jayda Fransen:


On the face of it that’s a pretty damning quote implying anyone considered to be a traitor by Jayda and her chums will be killed.

The problem with quotes like that, though, is that they’re all too easy to take out of context. Just because Britain First is filled with racists and people unable to get jobs through a lack of social or technical skills plus an inability to learn anything new (or old for that matter), and just because Britain First’s members are anger-filled, violent subhumans it doesn’t automatically follow that Jayda Fransen was necessarily saying that a lynching (the sort of thing that used to happen to dark-skinned people a lot) would be the end result for anyone considered traitors to the really small-minded (really small-minded) organisation that considers itself Christian mostly because it’s kinda guessing what happens later in the Bible but hasn’t really got past the first half of Genesis so far as a collective. But they’re really trying to crack three-syllable words any day now. Good luck Britain First.

In fact, in this case – and it’s always worth doing your research on quotes for things like this – Jayda’s comments were a simple call for a sporting competition in order to build some team spirit with “the enemy”. It followed on from someone taking the time – three and half years in this case – to sit down and explain what had just gone on in the London Olympics.


So there you go. Sure, they’re amongst the worst scum of the Earth but always engage your sceptical mind when considering whether everything Britain First says is just pure hate and bile.

Author: Mark

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