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Penny Mordaunt, Suella Fernandes On Brexit

Spotted on the Portsmouth News website and saved for posterity in case the article should ever be edited or withdrawn, local MPs for Portsmouth North and Fareham respectively, Penny Mordaunt and Suella Fernandes, appear to have finally come clean about their reasons to support Britian leaving the EU (Brexit) and their disdain for anyone stupid enough to have voted for them.

I salute the naivety of those who backed us. I am heartened that people still believe any old crap we come out with if it reinforces their prejudices.

Suella Fernandes

Whatever side of the argument we were on my future career promises to be Chief Defence Wizard in the Cult of Bojo – Hail Bojo! – must be honoured.

Penny Mordaunt

If true then these quotes from Hampshire MPs are shocking!




Author: Mark

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